Sunday, July 6, 2008

Raw Yields

NikNaks's AvatarAt the start of the BUG Mod, EmperorFool extended Sevo's Raw Commerce mod with Raw Production. This has finally been fully expanded into a more comprehensive version.

We present to you Raw Yields!

Instead of a separate area that shrinks the Buildings list, the information is displayed in the Trade Routes table with buttons for changing the view and options.

Trade Routes View with Buttons

The buttons from left to right:
  • Views: (only one is active)
    • Switch to the Trade Routes view (default) *This icon will be changed for release*
    • Switch to the Food view
    • Switch to the Production view
    • Switch to the Commerce view
  • Tiles to Count: (only one is active)
    • Worked Tiles
    • City's Tiles (tiles that the city controls)
    • Owned Tiles (tiles that you culturally own)
For more details, see the thread here.

We're considering adding an "All Tiles" option to count tiles you do not culturally own in order to inspire you to conquer your neighbors. However, during certain points in the game (tech differentials) the yield values would be incorrect. Would you like this option anyway?

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