Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Making War Less Painful

I've added a couple new features to make life planning for and executing wars a little easier on your wearied warlord brain.

We Have Enough on Our Hands

The scoreboard now displays an orange fist next to AIs that are mobilizing for war or are involved in too many wars already. In terms of game mechanics, this is normally found by entering diplomacy with an AI and hovering over a red "Declare War on" entry and seeing the reason "We Have Enough on Our Hands."

This same orange fist is displayed next to each leader on the BUG Military Advisor Situation Report tab. As with everything else on the scoreboard, you can turn it on or off and move it to a new location using the BUG Options screen [ALT + CTRL + O].

Military Advisor Deployment Grouping

The original Military Advisor grouped units first by Combat Type (Melee, Archery, Gunpowder, etc) and next by Unit Type (Warrior, Archer, Rifleman). The BUG Military Advisor extends this by adding three new grouping methods and allowing you to pick any two.
  • Level: 1, 2, 3, . . ., 50+
  • Promotion: Combat 1, Drill 2, Ambush, etc.
  • Location: Domestic/Friendly/Enemy/Neutral Territory/City
  • Orders: Fortify, Heal, Sentry, Blockade, Intercept, Go To, etc.
Adding new groupings is quite easy, so please don't hesitate to suggest new ones in the Feature Request thread.